Professional car opening


Professional car openingOwning a car today is not only joy and pleasure, but also a great responsibility. And it is not uncommon to encounter a situation where it may simply not be possible to open the car. And today we can safely say that this state of affairs causes some discomfort. By clicking on the link you can contact the experts for help.

When opening with an expensive specialized tool, in 100% of cases the lock remains fully functional, since the lock is turned due to the imitation of the key in the lock, and not due to its force breaking. For a lock, this means that it was opened by turning the native key.
In addition, when opening a car with a special tool, the lock benefits. Most car owners rarely, if not at all, use the key to close / open the door of their car, and the elements of the lock from dirt lose their mobility and “turn sour”. The master at work flushes the lock from dirt with WD-40 liquid and restores the mobility of the working elements of the lock with his manipulations. That is, in addition to everything, the client receives, free of charge, the service of washing and preventing the lock.

Emergency opening — wire method This method of emergency opening a car used to be the most popular — now it is used less and less, because it is mainly used in older cars. In this case, emergency opening of locks is based on the use of thin and strong wire, for example, from a metal hanger, which is why the method is often called «hanger».

A suitably bent wire is then inserted over the window seal to open the lock, or placed inside the vehicle, attempting to open it from the inside by pressing the button on the key or door, lifting the button, or opening the handle. To further increase the door gap, special suction cups and pneumatic cushions are also used.

Employees of such services work very quickly and accurately. They use only specialized equipment and tools to open car doors. The client can be completely sure that the body of the machine will not be scratched, let alone dented. In some cases, the lock in the door remains fully functional. Sometimes it needs to be replaced. In each situation, the outcome may be different.

The most important advantage of the work of professionals is efficiency. In most cases, locks are opened literally instantly — in a few minutes. The cost of the service, however, differs in availability. Do not try to open the locks yourself with foreign objects. This will only make the situation worse. Moreover, you do not need to break the glass in the doors. Such repairs will be very expensive later.